The Storehouse is a new ministry that is ambitious in its goals.  We seek to be a safe harbor  for those who are unchurched and for those who have been hurt by what they perceived to be church.  We will launch our worship experience in October but we are forming teams to make a difference now.  At the Storehouse we seek to do things differently not simply to be different, but because we are seeking to answer different questions.  We are not trying to convince you that our ministry is the best one for you.  We question what a church is supposed to look like in the first place.  Our goal is not to have a phasade of holiness.  Instead, our aim is to foster a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ that affects the way we act, think, and live.  So at the Storehouse we are more interested in who we can help than what you have on.  We seek to create a low sress environment where people of varied socio-economic strata, ethnic groups, and ages can all give and receive as God draws them closer. 

This is not a place where some give and others consume.  God has given all of us gifts and talents to be a blessing to others.  So we all have a part and worship is so much than what happens when we have our services.So will we have coffee, sometimes.  Will we have great music, hopefully.  Will we have inspired preaching, prayerfully.  However, the goal is to change the world one soul at a time.  If you seek answers to different questions call us at 410-961-5472 and lets get started.  See how great your life an be when it's not all about you.